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Large, emphatic boardroom tables can be clunky and expensive. At CFI, we specialise in designing custom-made boardroom tables around your budget while still prioritising a sleek and appropriate look. Our industry-leading team are capable of creating you a boardroom table solution that is reliable, easy to move and scratch-resistant.

Boardroom tables require a level of sophistication that is synonymous with CFI. We have been developing and designing boardroom tables for over 30 years, and our skilled team take pride in providing your office with functional and stylish furniture.
We use the highest quality Australian materials, namely Laminex and Formica, and offer a vast range of boardroom, meeting and training tables with a multitude of leg options. Call the team at North Plympton CFI today on (08) 8295 2155 to organise a no obligation, measure and quote today!
CFI Boardroom Tables
In a professional office environment, it is imperative to have an official meeting room to accommodate distinguished clients and also for staff meetings. At CFI, we can provide the necessary furnishings for your room to work seamlessly with the rest of the office environment you’ve created.

Our range includes classy and affordable premade tables, but we also work closely with clients to develop custom designs to accommodate their needs appropriately. The skilled team at CFI will work tirelessly with you until you are thrilled with our design choice.

Of course, we offer a variety of design options to suit your needs as well. We will discuss with you your required size, preferences for colour, weight and leg shape, and you’ll be able to view a graphic representation of the design before signing off on the development. We are specialists in working around tight budgets so don’t hesitate to ask about price!
Quality Guarantee
We can not underestimate the impact of centrepieces such as boardroom tables. At CFI, we understand this and only operate with the highest quality materials that are guaranteed to last you and your employees for years to come.

While we only use top Australian materials, this does not mean our tables are heavy or at all cumbersome. With lots of leg options available, we can present you a lightweight alternative that still has all the impact of a more burly table.

Because our tables are of the best materials, they are extra resistant to damages such as scratches, meaning they retain their value and look as good as new for longer! Come and see us at our North Plympton showroom to view our entire boardroom table range.

You may also call us at (08) 8295 2155 and set up your free, no obligation measure and quote today! At CFI, every question you ask us is worthwhile, and we promise that you’ll love every piece of your newly designed office solutions from us!
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Tops: Laminex & Formica commercial range.


1500W X 750D / 1800W X 900D / 2400W X 1200D / Custom