Breakout Areas

This is a block of text. Double-click this text to edit it.In the modern climate of office environments, there is an inevitable and unfortunate focus on remaining glued to and sitting down at a computer screen for lengthy periods of time. With more workers facing fatigue and burning out, which ends up affecting productivity, the idea of a breakout area for your office plan is a brilliant solution.

At CFI, we specialise in meeting the exact needs of our clients and work to bring your vision to life with our custom made breakout area furniture. We have a vast range of chairs, lunchroom tables, benches and soft seating to suit any breakout area, big or small.

What is a breakout area?

A breakout area is a lot like it sounds, it’s a designated area in an office that is separate from the employee’s usual working space that aims to work as a hub for relaxation, informal meetings or even a spot to eat lunch!
Breakout areas are vital for allowing the employees in your workplace to assemble in a calming and stress-free space and recharge some energy before getting back to the job. CFI will work with you and discuss the dimensions of the space you have and how our custom designs can benefit you the most.

Different Furniture

The layout and types of furniture you select for your office breakout area will have a profound effect on its functionality and the overall success of the space. One of the best ways to create a useful breakout area is to diversify the seating as much as possible.

CFI offers custom-made chairs, benches and soft seating that work cohesively to provide your new breakout area with everything it needs. Our experience over the years in spaces of all sizes gives us the confidence to create intelligent designs that work for the space you have.

Often, smaller workplaces disregard the need for a useful getaway space and consider it to be an unnecessary luxury that is beyond our reach. The team at CFI respectfully disagrees and will help you form that perfect space for a fraction of the price.

Efficient Space

The fundamental aspect of a breakout area is comfortability. Whether your employees want to eat their lunch, make a coffee or engage in informal meetings the first step is that they enjoy being there in the first place.

Our seating solutions provide comfort and never compromise on style, with a wide variety of colours and fabrics available to match your preferences. We use the Laminex and Formica commercial range of materials, so quality is always assured.

A bonus of breakout areas is that not only do that help to aid work efficiency, but they also discourage employees from taking extended coffee breaks down the street!
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Tops: Laminex & Formica commercial range.
Legs: Powder coated in black or white in a range of various styles.
Fabrics: Available from Instyle, Laines, Wortley, Macquarie, Woven Image and Wortley.

If you’re in the market for an excellent quality breakout area solution, then don’t wait any longer and call the experts at CFI today on (08) 8295 2155. Your workers will thank you for it!