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Education and teaching methods are continually looking for new ways to improve, and in the 21st century, it’s now a common understanding that the functionality and comfort of a classroom can have a significant impact on the productivity of children. At CFI, we understand this completely and have specialised in creating dynamic learning environments comprised of our top quality chairs and seating.

Classroom furniture does indeed play an active role in the learning environments of children. We have evolved from the days of static and rigid spaces that stifle creativity and now aim to incorporate flexibility and comfort into our classrooms.

At CFI, we have an incredible range of chairs and seating available that are perfect for the modern day classroom. Our showroom located in North Plympton has a variety of chair, and seating options for viewing that includes task, visitors, boardroom, executive and breakout.

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It can be challenging to design a classroom that considers a high number of students and that accommodates a variety of activities. Thankfully, when it comes to chairs and seating CFI do the thinking for you.
We are experts in liaising with clients, assessing their needs and subsequently providing the ideal solution for classrooms of all shapes and sizes. Uncomfortable students are inattentive students, so making sure the correct dimensions are used is essential.

Not only does the seating need to meet the physical requirements of the students that occupy them, but they must also scale properly within the classroom. A neat looking class provides less distraction for students and improves overall concentration.

CFI understands that school chairs and seating must be functional as well as mobile to accommodate group work and reshuffling of classrooms for activities. Our team who operate with over 30 years of experience will be able to present you with a range of lightweight options perfect for students of all sizes.


Classrooms have the ability to feel extraordinarily distinct from any other room, and ideally, they aim to project a sense of welcoming and comfortability. CFI’s chair and seating solutions strive to create these feelings and make entering the classroom an enjoyable experience.

The extensive range of colours that we offer can effectively complement any classroom; whether you’re interested in a more traditional colour palette or an emphatic and brighter shade to match a school badge, then we have what you need.

We utilise a range of different materials and fabrics to help align with your budget. It is our goal to deliver reliable and exciting seating options for a great price, without ever compromising on style.

When you spend such a long proportion of the day sitting down, it’s imperative that the chair is comfortable. You can rely on CFI to provide you with outstanding chairs and seating that your school or institution will wholeheartedly appreciate.
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