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School desks and tables have to endure a tonne of punishment from years and years of students passing through. Luckily, the experts at CFI offer high-quality desks and tables that are ideally suited to withstand mistreatment and remain continually useful for lengthy periods of time.

With subtle and uniform colour palettes available as well as extraordinarily lightweight and mobile options, CFI has everything you require when it comes to school desks and tables. Our team delivers concerted efforts to enable your school’s classrooms to function effectively as well as spark creativity with our range of desks and tables.

Synonymous with Quality

The quality education of our children is paramount for a prosperous society, and CFI takes pride in being able to help facilitate their learning. We have over 30 years experience in creating dynamic educational settings with our broad range of desks and tables.
We are the proud supplier of desks and tables for some of South Australia’s premier educational institutions and our passion for formulating custom solutions that suit a multitude of purposes is stronger than ever. Our understanding of how to create a space conducive to sound learning is always growing, and we take pride in collaborating well with our clients until they are thrilled with our designs.

What We Offer

Whether it’s a simple desk that you require, a multi-purpose workstation or a whole classroom’s worth of tables, we have you covered. We also have hot-desking solutions available that suit libraries correctly.

Our selection of pre-made desks and tables are ideal for many institutions with large classrooms, and our customised range is suitable for schools that have a vision and are looking to project a more sophisticated image.

Located in North Plympton, our manufacturing and showroom facilities have an extensive range of pre-made desks and tables on display. Come down and see the products we offer or give us a call and speak with one of our friendly team members today!


One of the guarantees we make to our valued customers is that we never compromise on quality. If you can’t rely on a product, especially one in as much constant use as a desk or table, then it’s not worth purchasing.

Thankfully, at CFI our experience has taught us that when you present skilled designers with quality materials, perfect desk and table solutions are the results. The Australian made Laminex, and Polytec range we use is renowned for its dependability and diversity.

There is no shortage of colours and finishes from modern, vibrant textures or simple, sleek designs. All our desks are custom-made in a range of sizes that include slab ends or a variety of metal legs, including those that are height adjustable.
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Tops: Tops & Slab Ends: Laminex & Formica commercial range.
Legs: Powder coated in black or white in a range of various styles.
Screens: Powder coated frames in various colours and fabrics to compliment.


1500 X 750D / 1800 X 750D / Custom
So, if your school or institution is in dire need of desks and tables that deliver in every capacity, then you’ve found what you’re looking for with the experts at CFI. Call us today to order your premade desks and tables, or speak with our team about our customised solutions.