Soft Seating

As humans, it is in our very nature to seek comfort; it helps us to relax and keep us in a pleasant state of consciousness. Soft seating is the ultimate choice to permeate a sense of calm throughout your office or workplace environment.

Soft seating incorporates cushioned seating or upholstered pieces of furniture such as couches or ottomans. We should not underestimate the positive function that soft seating provides, and that it could serve an important purpose for many workplaces.

At CFI, we work closely with our design team as well as our clients to formulate effective soft seating solutions that blend in smoothly and generate a feeling of positivity within any office. There are many exciting and useful ways to implement soft seating into many different professional settings and the team at CFI aims to help you realise these.

Commercial Uses

Soft seating is necessary to increase comfortability and to present a welcoming and approachable work environment. Some environments naturally have a sense of stress surrounding them, which the installation of soft seating sets out to alleviate.
Doctors require functional soft seating to use when consulting a patient and similarly the patient will need an accommodating seat as well, which helps in facilitating a trusting partnership. Waiting rooms, not exclusive to doctors practices, are also ideal places to place soft seating.

Finding yourself in a waiting room, no matter the circumstance can seem daunting and is made increasingly stressful when accompanied by uncomfortable and stiff seating. Poor seating choices do not represent a considerate work environment.

Lounges for teachers, professors and university employees are ideal candidates for soft seating from CFI. In contrast with rigid conference rooms, a breakout room for employees to share an unexpected moment can do wonders for workplace morale.

Versatility of Style

While soft seating is synonymous with comfort, this is by no means mutually exclusive to elegance and sophistication. Stylish and sturdy soft seating created by CFI can seamlessly weave into any office or business environment.

We have neutral and traditional colour options available as well as more modern palettes, the versatility of soft seating that CFI boasts is enviable. Whether you want to create a welcoming, professional setting or a relaxed but fun breakout area, CFI can deliver what you need.

Our skilled designers have over 30 years of experience creating custom-made soft seating solutions and have helped out many respectable Adelaide business. Come down to our North Plympton showroom to view our premade seats or make an appointment with one of our friendly administration team today!

At CFI, we strive to provide the highest quality soft seating while maintaining an impressive value for money. We guarantee that after a talk with us you’ll be confident that we can offer a thrilling custom made solution for your workplace that will last for the years to come.
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