When inspiration strikes, you shouldn’t have to spend time searching for your favourite pen or that important document! The correct office storage will help you sort through the clutter and stay organised, even when chaos strikes! At CFI we have been the office storage specialists for years and have helped numerous local businesses transform their clutter and mess into a workspace that is clean, clear and organised. That way you’ll always be ready to pounce on those light bulb moments without interruption!

CFI Storage History

When it comes to finding the perfect office storage solution, you want office furniture that fits in with the aesthetics of your office while remaining highly functional.

At CFI, we stock a range of high-quality and attractive office storage solutions to suit all businesses. Our range includes everything you’ll need to keep things organised and in working order. We stock everything from filing cabinets for storing all your important documents to bookcases and other materials. Be sure to visit our North Plympton showroom to view our entire office storage range.

All of our storage items are made to order in a range of sizes and are available with doors, drawers and open adjustable shelves.

Materials We Use

At CFI, we create our office storage solutions using materials from the Laminex and Formica commercial range. In conjunction with our talented design team, we are able to create beautifully tailored and functional office storage solutions. With Laminex’s Commercial Palette we are able to present a comprehensive range of decors that are perfect for the modern day office space.

At CFI, our team of designers will work alongside you to create the perfect office storage design, providing expert advice on everything from colour schemes through to material thickness for optimum durability.

This allows us to create our clients a storage solution that is entirely customised to their business. A CFI storage solution will not only meet and exceed your storage requirements, but it will enhance the overall look and feel of your business.

Call CFI Today!

If you’re looking for a premium office storage solution for your business, look no further than CFI! Our team of expert designers will work with you to custom design a storage solution that will make your office the envy of all others. Visit our North Plympton showroom, or call our friendly team today and let’s get your office organised with a CFI storage solution!
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All our storage items are made to order in a range of sizes and are available with doors, drawers and open adjustable shelves.
Laminex & Formica commercial range.
720/900/1050/1200/1500/1800H X 900/1200/1500/1800W X 350/450/600D / Custom